Action Points

Action Points! Your going to love this change.
Action points CAN be used to give yourself another action. This action is a Standard Action meaning your can give yourself another attack, another move action or the ability to do something outside of the normal turn.

What does this mean exactly?

Examples: Joe the Mad Mage casts Fireball at a group of charging cows. Amazingly enough the cows survive, Joe is very upset at this. So Joe uses an action point to give himself another attack action and roasts the cows with a second helping of Fireball. The cows stop, drop and roast, the party has steak for dinner that evening.

Marcus the Barbarian wants to hit the monster in front of him. He wants to hit it really really bad but he can't charge it because of terrian. So Marcus uses an action point to give himself a Move Action and he takes his move action to move next to the monster. Marcus is now happy and unleashes a full round attack action against the monster.

Basically anything that you can do with a single move/attack action you can do with the use of an action point. Yes this may seem over powered but… I like the idea of how it works.

Grant an additional standard action, either a move action, or attack action in addition to a the full round action. May be taken before or after a full round action.

IMPORTANT: You may only spend ONE action point per round.

Each time you attain a new level, you gain a fresh supply of action points equal to 5 + 1/2 your character level, rounded down. Any action points you didn’t spend at your previous level are lost.

Character Action Points

Level Maximum Number of Action Points Number of D6 Rolled
1st 5 1
2nd–3rd 6 1
4th–5th 7 1
6th–7th 8 2
8th–9th 9 2
10th–11th 10 2
12th–13th 11 3
14th–15th 12 3
16th–17th 13 3
18th–19th 14 4
20th 15 4
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